Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cyanide and Happiness #2, 100-200 [SEEN IT]

 Hi! Wasn’t Dinosaur Comics awesome? It was awesome and also very different. Well, C&H is awesome and very different too, so now we’re going to go back and ramble aboot some more strips done in early to mid 2005. Hopefully there will be more strips in this review, once the numbering sorts itself out. Because I do know it sorts itself out eventually. There are over 2,000 strips after all.

Now, I say this starts with strip 100 just to make the numbers neat and clean. Strip 100, you might remember, was in the last commentary, as was strip 101, which came before strip 100. So, of course, this strip starts at strip 68! Duuuuuhhh. So, go to and follow the magic “next” button!

68. I think I would like this just because it subverts the format, though I think I’ve heard that joke before 8D; Being in a gag a day comic is a bit of a futile existence…and now I’m wondering if everyone in the same color shirt is the same person.

69. I’m very surprised they didn’t make a 69 joke. Durrr. More self referential humor? Probably! I don’t want anything sucking out my brain. That sounds quite painful. We are still after strip 100, but below the number 100.

70. I think the joke is that Orange and Blue are mind-bogglingly stupid. (No offense, Syracuse fans! I love you Ben!)

 102. A NUMBER ABOVE 100? I THINK C&H IS BROKEN. Anyway, this line is kind of familiar…but clowns weren’t actually in it. Is it in some movie I’ve never seen? D8

71. Wait a minute WHY DOES THIS GUY HATE BOYS? I like boys. Competition? Or just a punchline?

72. Note how I did not note that the numbers are skipping around again. Also, I don’t get it. I think I’d be okay with being made of pixels, once I got over the whole immaterial existence thing.

73. I don’t get it.

103. This is not the last time Jesus makes an appearance in the comic. And if I recall, Jesus, you are the one who is standing still!

74. The green guy is also known as “Mr. Gullible.”

75. It’s a non-joke. Why am I still laughing?

76. Wait, what? What the hell? Either I don’t know the joke or this is a complete non-sequitor…

77. Moral of this story, kids, is never throw your money around. Invest it instead.

78. Now, I’m a tried-and-true self-deprecator, and I will tell you from personal experience, it never garners you any sympathy. Keep your chin up, stay in school, and be confident that there are people who love you!

79. MIMES CAN MIND CONTROL PEOPLE? WHAT? THAT’S AWESOME. 8D Would it be…mimed control then?

80. I can bet that window-washer was a CEO back in his home cou- BEFORE THE ECONOMY WENT BAD. I’m sorry. ;_;

81. x3 It’s a pun! I love puns!

82. I would hang out with Green. He’d keep me entertained with his imagination and zest for life. I’m kidding.

105. My my is this ever unfunny. 8/

83. It depends on what that was a shot of. The degree of awful it will bring, I mean. Askfhalkhsfs I hate needles.

84. I…I have no words. None at all. O__O

85. I really don’t understand what’s going on here. The track seems to have switched mid-comic. A lot of the early comics are like this, but many can pull them off if they have enough charm. I mean, I usually really like Kris’s.

107. So the joke is supposed to be that no one likes Carrot Top? That’s not really creative…at all. (Also Carrot Top is terrifying.)

86. So the joke is that “yo dawg” is punishable by death? But what about all the dogs that want a greeting? 8<

109. I don’t know why I’m laughing at this. I really don’t. Green is a jerk. xD

110. Just when I thought we were safe, too…I really don’t like the squeezeman comics.

88. I like this one even though it is terrible. Why? Because it is CREATIVE. Creativity is awesome. Unless you’re a drug dealer. In which case STOP SELLING DRUGS.

89. …

111. …

112. *giggle* *snrt*

96. *cringe*

Anyone notice that we’re skipping around numbers like mad? That, and less than a THIRD of this review has been for strips with numbers that are actually over 100?

113. My mother says that reality shows are really a modern form of the Victorian circus. Teal is a freak for being the host. Whoever drove the car is also a freak.

97. One of the strangest and most amazing things about C&H is that it can very suddenly tug at your heartstrings, even outside of Depressing Comic Week (which I hate by the way). Like, here. This guy can’t become who he wants to be! I want to give him a hug and also call him and tell him things he disapproves of in his field! If anything, these strips are doing their job – they elicit an emotion.

98. Uh…

114. Okay, I know this is awful, but I think I would like to have a doctor that joked around like this! You know what I wouldn’t like to have? Herpes! Herpes are not funny!

99. BACK TO 99. Mr. Blue growing horns without realizing that he has. I wonder if Blue and Green are the same people in each strip, because they do seem to show up very often. Poor thing, you think he’d use his hands instead of his eyes.

104. AHEAD TO 104. My god, where was it hiding all this time?

115. I did say I hated this punchline. Which is why I’m making a SNRT noise instead of a LOL noise now. o3o


106. I get the joke but somehow I’m not laughing. I feel really bad that I’m reviewing comics that I haven’t read because I feel like if I hadn’t read them, or if they were more story-like comics such as that I can tell a story about, I’d have a little more vibrance in here…


123. I can tell this comic is really early because NOTHING tells us this man is homeless! He might have some 5 o’clock shadow but that’s it! And even then with the JPEG fragmentation I can’t tell! Oh how the mighty have risen, Kris! And to be fair food costs a bit less than a house.

117. xDD! This was on a T-shirt, wasn’t it? Though I seem to recall that the man being followed wasn’t happy about it. Here he seems to be okay…

118. You know what the awful thing here is? I actually clicked that just to see if it led somewhere. And I’m a girl.

120. Now THIS is the kind of ending I wanted out of #62! Go on, Lighter Blue Than His Shithead Boss! SUE THAT MAN INTO THE GROUUUNNNNND.

131. I would say that this reminds me of Monty Python a little but that would garner me so much hateful backlash that oh look I still said it anyway!

125. OMG.


HOLD THE PRESSSES, STRIP #51. Cyanide and Happiness has FART JOKES.

121. AND THE EPONYMUS STRIP ARRIVES. Remember, kids, cyanide does not make you happy. Unless it is served by stick figures.

134. And the numbers continue to skip around in the daisies they are pushing up because they are so old. I give this a chuckle because ah, confusing directions. C:

141. This fills me with lots of righteous anger. I kind of want to punch Blue.

133. MOMMY I DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS STRIP. Thus begins one of C&H’s guest weeks. Their guest weeks are often not very funny. Such as here, this one by Switch.

134. This guest strip, by Rzk, would be a lot funnier if the art was a little more active.

135. This guest strip is by DarkSied. This is the only time ANYONE notices the boys are bald! I wonder if the inside-out guy has hair on the inside.

136. The art is pretty not very good at all but this is actually pretty funny! This is by a guest named Doodly9.

137. Wait a minute, I’m pretty sure this was done earlier or later in the strip. Definitely later. This strip was done by a guest named Relaps.

138. 8[. One should not be dropping babies on the floor.

139. This guest comic is…well, I guess it is kind of funny! Gingivitis is likely hella painful.

 122. And this is why Satan has no siblings! LOL. My sister is younger than me, but she always takes the front seat from me…

140. I’m getting kind of tired of mentioning this skipping-around thing early C&H is doing. Super Friends is a pretty cheesy name, I have to admit…but maybe it wasn’t so much so in the 60s.

124. OMG THIS STRIP IS ADORABLE. I love it to pieces. If I ever see a bald guy wearing an ice cream cone on his head I will gladly give him a hug. (If I ever saw Kris Wilson, I’d give him a hug, too. Look how cute he is)

142. THE NUMBERS SWITCHED. NEAT. And I had to giggle at the simple-mindedness of this strip. Also, that guy needs a date. Rob’s art is tightening up a little, though they still need to get rid of the JPEG fragmentation.

148. HAH, I loved that scene. And everyone knows knives are cooler looking than guns.

151. This is another one of those strips that’s unexpectedly heartwarming! These guys may clearly be dumb as bricks, but they’re very happy with what they’ve found. Very few people are actually happy, especially in C&H.

143. Oho, clever. Sometimes I wonder just how painful pepper spray actually is. I hope I never have to find out.

157. I can only think of one webcomic with pirates as recurring characters, and that webcomic is The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. That webcomic is indeed awesome. PERHAPS THERE IS A CORRELATION??

158. I can only think of one webcomic with S&M as a recurring theme, and that webcomic is Collar 6. That webcomic is indeed strange. PERHAPS THERE IS A CORRELATION??

144. I can think of several webcomics with zombies as recurring characters! Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, Megatokyo...wait, actually, that's it. LOOK AT ALL THE COMICS I NAME-DROPPED~

152. I'm trying so hard not to laugh at the word "spool", but that actually is the first time I've ever seen that word on the internet. Spool...spool...spool...!

150. I wonder how many comics exactly we've had over the number 150 so far. I don't have access to my main document at the time I'm typing this, so I can't count. This comic makes no bleedin' sense though it does inject some originality into the grabbing of mammaries as punch lines.

145. Dude, I want a squiggly line installed in my reality!!

154. REVERSAL~ I know nothing about gambling so this comic means nothing or little to nothing to me. Sorry.

146. Wait, what? There's some piece of information here I'm missing...ALSO HATS

156. Eeeeeeewwwwwww.

147. This comic isn't funny at all. It's just creepy. Sorry C&H, we've got a string of misses on our hands...

155. I guess this one would be funnier if I could actually see what Yellow was doing...


160. Wait, did we just have two numbers that came after each other? What is this devilry? Either way, I guess this is okay just for how sad it is…

161. Could we be on a regular schedule at last? That said, I don’t like this one. ‘Tis grotesque and I really don’t like ANY of the ones that are violent to kids. 8[

162. Looks like it’s another HILARIOUS MISUNDERSTANDING!

164. >If I had a terminal disease, you’d laugh.

…I thought it was funny, Not-Terminal-Disease-Having Green!

168. Social commentary. I really HOPE this wasn’t supposed to be funny.

165. I have a feeling that one day I’m going to get a sternly worded letter about how I’m not supposed to criticize whether C&H is funny or not. Whatever. Some are hits, some are misses. QED.

167. This is probably actually what will happen if you go anywhere near radioactivity. That is to say, CANCER!

171. *giggle* I love this one. It’s whimsical. And it has SUPERHEROES. I kind of missed the superheroes, they haven’t been in this in a while!

166. Oh my god…this would be the worst reaction ever to get, ever. I want to give Yellowish a hug! *hugs Yellowish*

169. I think I’ve seen this joke in Reader’s Digest or something…but it’s still funny!


Cue Dave coming after me with a knife for what I just said…

172. …>_>

170. I’m going to distract myself from this by saying that Red has a very funny-shaped head…and is also very mean to Yellowish D8

173. Sometimes this is cute. In this case, I don’t really think so. D8

174. To be fair, this joke has never been used in C&H before! THEREFORE, IT IS NEW.

176. I have a confession to make. I LOVE PURPOSELY BAD JOKES. Or jokes that thrive on puns like this. Therefore I will not rest until Light Blue is brought to justice.

177. I guess this is clever in some roundabout way but I never really laugh when I read it…

178. But this one did for some reason. How’s this for a B-movie title : ”WHEN KNOCK KNOCK JOKES FAIL.”

179. …

180. Is this supposed to be a pun…?

181. I think Light Blue just got told.

182. I think there’s a reason knock-knock jokes are jokes…

183. I did giggle at this because it’s a good variation on the old “be quiet or they’ll all want one” joke. xD

184. I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry, or scream. So I shall do all three.


185. Woo! Kris’s art is improving, and has also gotten larger! I love his sneaky joke-telling, it sort of chills you from the inside rather than slapping a cold ham in your face.


I liked his comics long before I knew he was cute! Honest! D8

186. See? I’m laughing because it’s clever. Even if it is horrible. Also, as of now, we have had TEN strips properly in order! YAAAY

188. And then it had to go and skip #187. Good job, kids. And I think Naked also got told. His exposure was not as decent as he thought it was. And they say men don’t have body issues.

187. Omg I love the twist at the end here. It’s gore juice.

189. …NEXT STRIP *runs from this one in fear*

195. Rob’s joke telling is also sneaky, but his is the slap-in-the-face sort. And this isn’t so much a joke as it is a slap at the expected…

190. And the numbers were doing so well. 8/ SUPERHEROES!!! Seizure man has seizures. And I smile for no rational reason.

197. Why don’t you have a seat over there, Rob? X[

191. This strip is like a freakish haiku – it’s a juxtaposition of things that should never, ever go together.

194. I don’t get it…

196. Well, you see, we would expect a masturbation joke. We would not expect it to be pronounced immature by any means. Rob, always one to slap the ham in the face. No double entendre intended.

199. If strip #200 comes next I’m going to eat my keyboard.

200. Well, that was strips 100-200, and most of what should have been in 15-100, of Cyanide and Happiness! It continues to be a head trip through what is not commonplace, and hopefully still will be.

I would have given you all a squee-filled look at my favorite webcomic of all time next Monday, but it would appear that I have to eat my keyboard now. Before I do, I would again like to plug the C&H app and books, as the regular merch still isn’t back up.

Bye and thank you, all three of my watchers! <3