Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cyanide and Happiness #5, 400-500 [YAWN]

Well, I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed my (ahem) break! But now we’re back on track, mostly, and I am going to regale you with some lovely tales of stick figures and improper behavior. That’s right, it’s Cyanide and Happiness time once again! Last time was a bit of a disappointment, but let’s hope this batch has at least three winners.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinosaur Comics #4, 300-400 [SEEN IT]

(Hey guys! Sadly enough, I have realized that doing Dinosaur Comics, basically the same comic again and again with little to no character development, is driving me into a state of sad ennui, kind of like reading a textbook. In order to stave off this ennui, I am taking a slight sabbatical and putting you and this comic in the very capable hands of my very good though not entirely present friends, S, T, A, M, and D. The story that they are a part of is only barely written, but I hope their characters are up to your personal standard. Start here:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something of a Delay

Just because I know you were all waiting on the edges of your seats for to read Dinosaur Comics today, I have to warn that I may not be able to make today's deadline. I will take responsibility for this, other than to say that a glut of tests on Thursday sort of threw me off completely. I am, however, working on building up a backlog of commentaries to prevent this from ever happening again (and also to prevent hypnosis from having to read 100 comics at once - this time it's only 10 at a time). I'm almost done, though, and I'll be working as hard as I can to get as many commentaries out as deadlines happen to pass. <3


Monday, October 25, 2010

Gunnerkrigg Court #3, 200-300 [SEEN IT]

Oh my god, you guys, my reviews of these comics really cannot go fast enough. I feel like we’re hardly into the story at all! Well, it’s time to fix that by digging deeper into the gorgeous mythos that is Gunnerkrigg Court.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Penny Arcade #2, 100-200 [SEEN IT]

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for all the comments and help with the last commentary, guys! This is not stuff I’m familiar with and knowing about it makes me more smarter every day. I wish Blogger had a comment reply system so I could thank all of you without it looking weird. Special shouting out to Shawn for his continuing support 8D

Also, sorry for my lateness. Thursday was a mess, but hey, at least it’s still Friday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Xkcd #1, 1-100 [OOH WHATDIS]

Before I start, I really want to send out some thanks to all the people that have been commenting on my stuff! Most of you have been giving me helpful corrections and enlightenments on things I get wrong or don’t know – thank you for that! I’ll try not to be so stupid in the future. 8D;

Maybe you didn’t know, but I was inspired to do these commentaries by the (far funnier and better at his job) Mark Reads Twilight/Harry Potter, which were uproariously funny (at least the little of it I read before I came up with this, which summarily took over my life) because he had never read either and reacted quite hilariously to each – Twilight with revulsion, and Harry Potter with apprehension and then all-encompassing love. This is a very long way of saying YAY, we’ve finally gotten to something I’ve never read before!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cyanide and Happiness #4, 300-400 [SEEN IT]

You thought it was over. You thought it was safe to go outside…but think ye not of the outdoors! For Cyanide and Happiness is here to tell you about everything that is terrible and dangerous outside the comfort of your own home!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dinosaur Comics #3, 200-300 [SEEN IT]

Wouldn’t you know it, it’s that time of week again! Time to learn trivia, become smarter, and hang out with the coolest three dinosaurs on the Internet! Most other dinosaurs are dead and in the ground, but T-Rex, Utah, and Dromi are cool enough to be on the Internet, so let’s have a chat with them and see what they were up to at the tail end of 2003.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gunnerkrigg Court #2, 100-200 [SEEN IT]

So I forgot to set this post to go up at 1:00 tomorrow morning before I hit "Publish Post." I don't know how to fix this, and really don't feel like fixing it, so guess what? You guys get your commentary early tonight! Wooo.

OMG, YOU GUYS. I am supper ultra happy about the reaction to the first GC commentary! I’m really happy to see everyone loves GC as much as I do. So, for your reading pleasure, I’m going to continue what you guys better have read in the meantime. Alasjflasjfls, I love you guys so much.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Penny Arcade #1, 1-100 [SEEN IT]

So…Penny Arcade. Kind of hard to know where to start with two of the strangest men on the Internet…

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cyanide and Happiness #3, #200-300 [SEEN IT]


So, Cyanide and Happiness, we meet again! It’s been a long time – exactly a week, in fact. So, what could you have in store for us in the next hundred comics, give or take whatever you care to give me? Numbers skipping around? Most likely. Humor to make the devil blush? Maybe. Humor to make my Theology teacher blush? Never. Humor that elicits comments from me? ALWAYS.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinosaur Comics #2, 100-200 [SEEN IT]

Whew…wow. Now that I’m coming off the high I got from reviewing Gunnerkrigg Court, it’s time to go back and continue the other two comics to commentary on this site! I do hope you’ve figured out my update pattern by now…

Also, now that there are five commentaries on the site, and five is about as many as most people can count on one hand, I imagine keeping track might get unwieldy for some. So, I have created a master archive post! This post has a lot of information. It has commentaries sorted by comic, also including the names of the next five commentaries I will be doing. I’m trying to alternate requested comics with comics I wanted to do in the first place. So, uh, stay interested!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Directory Post

Hi, welcome to the directory post! This is for organizational purposes as I build up an archive. This list contains every commentary I've written thus far, plus the next five I will write for...I dunno...suspense. Perhaps I will make fancy pictures for them soon. Anyway, thanks for reading, have fun, and don't die! 8D

Archive Commentaries

Cyanide and Happiness

Dinosaur Comics

Gunnerkrigg Court

Penny Arcade
October 11, 2010 - #1-100
October 22, 2010 - #100-200
November 8, 2010 - #200-300 

October 20, 2010 - #1-100
November 5, 2010 - #100-200

Questionable Content
November 3, 2010 - #1-100 

Guest Commentaries

Planet Cool - Grim Tales From Down Below
November 1, 2010 - #1-25 

Daily Updates
None yet.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gunnerkrigg Court #1, 1-100 [SEEN IT]

So why am I typing this so soon after having eaten my keyboard? The answer is simple – because I lied. Duh.

So Tangent128, lovely person he is, suggested Gunnerkrigg Court. Well, he didn’t suggest it, only mentioned it as something he wanted to suggest because he knew I was going to do it anyway. And I have to say, yes, yes I think I am going to be doing commentary on Gunnerkrigg Court. You know why? I LOVE GUNNERKRIGG COURT.