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Cyanide and Happiness #3, #200-300 [SEEN IT]


So, Cyanide and Happiness, we meet again! It’s been a long time – exactly a week, in fact. So, what could you have in store for us in the next hundred comics, give or take whatever you care to give me? Numbers skipping around? Most likely. Humor to make the devil blush? Maybe. Humor to make my Theology teacher blush? Never. Humor that elicits comments from me? ALWAYS.

Well, time to delve once again into the realm of unexplored stick figure realms! We actually ended on strip 200 last time, after which I did not eat my keyboard. So, of course, we’re starting on strip 205. (That’s a little more correct than 68 for 100, you have to admit.) So click to continue the fun!

… I mean CLICK THE MAGIC NEXT BUTTON. Whoops, there almost wasn’t any closure there.

205. Eeeewww. Having a comic in your ass sounds uncomfortable. (Though I must admit, I pull these reviews out of my own nether regions on a nigh-regular basis.)

206. I’ve always loved this strip because I can never figure out not!Bill’s agenda. Is he really Bill and just lying to get Death away from him, or is he just relieved that his brother is going to die? Considering the look on his face I’m going to guess the former.

207. As much as AIDS is unfunny I can’t help but giggle at this pun.

208. Again, this comic is so unexpectedly heartwarming that it’s a shock in and of itself! In case you didn’t know, that is, in fact, how to deal with grumpy people. With love!

209. It would appear that it is time for another guest week! This is by Chriz. I have NO idea what this comic means, but somehow the idea of someone prancing around with wiggly arms shouting I HAVE A WILLY reduces me to giggles every time. I’m sorry.

210. This guest comic by knumber seems only to operate on the condition that these two stick boys are too stupid to breathe.

211. I’m sick and tired of these, Jo.

212. Oh, no. No, no no. Did Jez just erase all the dialogue from Rob’s comic and add his own? That is lazy as hell. I am heavily displeased. I don’t care if the wingdings make me giggle, I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS COMIC.

213. I would say this isn’t funny but it’s mostly like any other C&H strip in sudden twists…well done, Relaps.


215. This comic by Dead-Air is actually kind of sad. Can I give both of these freaks a hug? Please oh please oh pretty pretty please? 8D

226. These number skippages are very what the hell, kids! Also, is this Dave’s first comic? I think it might be – I don’t remember seeing his name anywhere before this. Well, anyway, meet Dave. This comic looks nothing like his current style. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a bucket and drain the river.

216. Again I say, WHAT THE HELL WITH NUMBER SKIPPAGES. Anyway, this strip is a lot more artistically complex than most later ones, what with the anthropomorphic bear and all. And why is the B capitalized? Odd all around, but it works.

227. OKAY OKAY I’M LAUGHING I’M LAUGHING ;__; Is this making fun of potty humor? Probably. Is it scaring me? Definitely!

228. Yep, Dave’s style is very different now from what it becomes. Wait a minute. SUPERHEROES.

So begins the LF series! No, not that LF. I don’t really want to say it right in the review…anyway, I don’t know any couple that talks like this. Still, I respect their love! LF is a meanie.

230. Though it would appear the LF series is interrupted a little. Why does it seem like the non sequitoirs work so well here? D8

233. AGAIN WITH THE SKIPPING OF NUMBERS. So, yes, anyone showing any amount of care or compassion for anyone is a word that begins with an F. Nice, LF, real nice. I STILL LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A SUPERHERO.

235. Perhaps because I am male, I don’t really understand. What do sword arms have to do with zipper problems and peeing? Whatever it is I’m glad I have no truck with it D8

237. Classic Rob strip – big ol’ shocker in the middle, punchline at the end that sorta makes you stop and stare for a while.

236. Dave’s strips are starting to look a little more like Dave strips. And admittedly a rock would hurt quite a bit.


…I’M LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS ONE IN MY ASS! I wonder what Orange went to do…

242. There are two reasons I’m laughing at this one. One is the unusual concept of stealing one’s air. The second, and most potent, is that his brown sack says “SWAG” on it. xDDDD

239. Instead of Waiting for Godot, it’s Waiting for Punchline. xD

243. In tenth grade, I was instructed to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for a homework assignment. I’m sure it was late. Curse you, LF.


248. What?



247. The last panel of this made me die a little inside. I can’t decide whether to smile or cry.

245. Now, I am a great believer in the power of puns. But this guy went just a little bit overboard, okay, kids? Okay. Love you guys.


246. Emoland. People are suiciding to get in.

Get it? It’s a play on “dying to get in”? Eh? Eh? 8D? Happy smiles?

253. Wait, I don’t get this. So they treat Tony as invisible? That’s not very nice.

252. ;_____;

250. Kris’s comics are often bittersweet. 249 was sweet. This, 250, is very, very bitter.

I wish these comics could be in order for once.

254. Um, wow. I never understood this comic for the longest time…then I remembered something someone said to me about (if you are eating kindly cease doing so) people smuggling drugs in swallowed condoms. Also, the clown is making pretty unreasonable demands. This kid wouldn’t get any farther than Laytonsville, methinks.

255. Oh, these two strips.

256. I groan because this was clearly done for shock value. Rest assured, this is the last vertical stripe in a skintone in the comic. Really.

257. HOLY CRAP. If I heard this from a mystical swami, I know I’d be amazed! But that figures, ‘cause I’m stupid.

258. Uh, I don’t get it. Is there a reference I’m missing?

259. This comic disenheartens me. Thus I do not like it.

260. No no no no NO NO NO. Why are this batch of comics so depressing? D8

261. Wait, why am I laughing at what might be a race joke now? (For the record, black comedy is pretty hard to define…)

262. This is the least inflammatory or dramatic comic about rape I have ever read.

263. Huh, I don’t get it…what does math have to do with this? D8

264. LOL. This does make me laugh for two reasons – it’s outright silly, and it reminds me of The Lonely Island’s “Dick In A Box” song. 8P

266. I don’t know if I want to admit it, but I’m grinning from ear to ear. Again, it’s the juxtaposition of the silly with the commonplace. I…love it! Besides they seem to be okay…

267. Girl: I will kill you so hard you will die to death.

WAITWHAT. BEST LINE EVER. And no, Blue, it is YOU who sucks at flirting! You will only attract a certain type of woman with those kinds of words, and that type is strictly in the category of “Drunk.”

268. Hah! I successfully did not giggle! And then failed when I thought, “So, is it supposed to keep the police busy as you run away?”


271. What?


WHAT? (Again!)

270. Wait, WHAT? Did anyone else think s/he was just standing sideways until Blue pointed out the missing boob?

272. I’m detecting a logical and moral fallacy. Thus I cannot laugh.

274. This one wouldn’t load for me on the site, but I did find it through Google Images. What a jerkass Yellow is.

275. I smiled because this is a good twist on the overused “squeeze” joke o’ Matt’s and of several guest comics. Here this guy is being a little more creative!

276. I’m surprised here by the relative complexity of the story of this strip. And then I am overcome with the desire to punch Blue in the face for being an idiot…

277. WHOA, this came outta left field! It’s Charles and Girlfriend again! Even though Girlfriend isn’t onscreen… Charles continues to be an idiot and ISN’T IT AWESOME?

278. The deadpan delivery makes this GOLD. Again I am resisting a comparison to Monty Python. Still, that boy needs to control his anger!

279. SUPERHEROES!!! SEIZURE MAN HAS SAVED THE DAY. Even though the better option would be to walk around the bear trap. Uh. I LOVE C&H SUPERHEROES.

280. This sounds like just about every teenage relationship ever.

Just saying.

281. What the hell? I love this play-on-words! 8D

284. Wow, and just when I thought the number skipping was over and done with. I love how silly this one starts out. Help, I’ve grown antlers? Who DOES that? And aww, Panel 3 is cute! Why doesn’t Puce think so?

285. This is such a silly and nonsensical juxtaposition that I love it to death really I do. Even if all of these comics are early, they do have their charm.

287. OMG, LOL. This is almost even better than the Christmas ornaments! I want a friend with a slingshot head. Anyone willing to get some reindeer antlers embedded in their heads? C’mon, it’s no worse than getting plugs!

289. Charles and Girlfriend, back so soon? Neat! This sounds like just about every college relationship I’ve ever heard of. Charles is an asshole.

288. Uh…look, man, stay calm…the antlers look neat, really? I’m sorry, man…sorry…so sorry…HELP ME THERE’S A MUTANT ON THE RAMPAGE

294. The delivery of this one is just perfect. And the idiocy of Light Green creates a hole to be filled with giggles. OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO LIVE! Also much love to the panels being blasted apart.

290. …eeeeewwww.

292. We’re dancing around the ending now…the first time I read this, I thought he was one of the more major terrorists. Now, I kind of see the awful connection. Poor Hassan. Well, at least he’ll still get the lady he loves.

296. There’s a lot going on here and I’m trying to cohese it into something funny. Old man faking nostalgia? Awkward vs. awkward? Ah, THERE’S the laugh! 8D

297. Four years at an all-girls’ high school has taught me that this is the full extent of the male psyche. Yep.

299. This strip makes me wince. Because it makes me think of my own ankles buckling under the weight of…anything. D8

300. Ugh.

And that was slightly less than 100 strips of Cyanide and Happiness! A few more misses than hits in this batch, but that’s to be expected. Be sure again to look at the app and book options, and also hope and pray that the boys’ new store goes up soon so you can get shirts and such!

I’ll be back for you on Monday, when I risk life and limb by delving into the earliest days of Penny Arcade! Wish my luck, and help me barricade my doors against the murderous rage of the authors! <3

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